100% Plant Based Food, 
that cares FOR the planet.

#vegan #seafood


We are "isauki superfood" 
a foodtech startup 
focused on active and healthy liFestyle.

We are developing alternatives to seafood products with high nutritional value mainly based on micro and macro algae. We offer a healthy alternative, without sacrificing any animals and without harming the environment. Our goal is to help build a better world, through sustainable food for people who cares about the health and the planet.


our R&D department together with several gastronomic innovation and development centres work hand in hand in researching the fascinating world of seaweed and how to turn it into a delicious and nutritional dish.

The secrect

we use ingredients with high nutritional value, and through different processes such as texturisation or fermentation and culinary art, we turn them into healthy and functional products.

Fish are friends 
and that´s why 
we decided to avoid eating fish

and to develop fishless products & seafood directly out of seaweed, which by the way is loaded by vitamins and minerals.


…. and this is just the beggining.

Eat healthy

in 3 simple steps.

1. buy it

2. Prepare it

3. Enjoy

cook it and eat it, 

what did you expect?


Our products are designed for active people and all those who wants to eat healthy. That’s why Isauki superfood products have natural, plant-based ingredients to give your plate everything your body needs: protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega 3, calcium, iron, magnesium and much more, all wrapped in delicious flavors, because we believe that you don’t have to sacrifice taste to eat well.

choosing wisely what we eat, we can join this food revolution for a better future… our own´s, the planet’s and the animals’ aswell.


Algae is one of the most sustainable natural resources on the planet, it is an ecological food, which does not need soil or fertiliser “zero input farming”. Algae are grown freely in the world’s waters, without the need for aggressive practices, and algae absorb CO2 and promote marine biodiversity.

WE ❤️ the seafood

our products help to reduce overfishing and by-catches of non wanted species or smaller sized fish that are thrown back to the sea but mainly already dead.

we ❤️ the ocean

our products help to reduce negative impact of the fishing such as destruction of the seafloor by trawler vessels and reduction of the plastic in the ocean caused by the nets.

we ❤️ the earth

seaweed is one of most sustainable resource on the planet. Only 60% of whole fish is used for human consumption the rest 40% is disposed or used for animal feed.




Irene Arce GutiérrezSuperfood R&D

Plant based food scientist by hearth 

Amaia BartoloméSuperfood R&D Chef

vegan chef in love with surfing & the nature

Elbio NielsenCMO 

branding guru that connects peoples minds

Milos Dukat  – Founder & CEO 

foodpreneur on the mission for a better food system



Isauki Superfood S.L.

Bilbao / Spain