Isauki Foods wins sustainability award at the international Food Summit 2022 in Valencia

For those of you who don’t know it, Food Summit is the main event promoted by KM ZERO and after the success of its previous editions, it has become the annual international reference event for the agri-food sector and the largest annual meeting on food innovation in Spain. Valencia was once again the meeting point for the industry, startups, entrepreneurial projects, investors and opinion leaders.

During the days of the Food Summit, we had the pleasure of witnessing and learning from the speeches of more than 100 international speakers who are leading the transformation of the sector to discuss the latest food trends and the main challenges it faces: health and wellness, biodiversity and resilience, proteins 4.0 and digitization.

And to put the finishing touch to these inspiring meetings, we were selected as the best foodtech startup in the Sustainability category, recognition for which we are very grateful and which has given us a shot of energy to move forward with our revolution.

We create alternatives to fish… with fish flavor!

In our first year of life and with a super laboratory team in Bilbao, we created NO FISH, zero percent animal fish, with Omega 3 and alternative proteins. We will enter the kitchens of all homes with the aim of reducing the quota of industrial fishing, and that fills us with pride.

The super objective is to develop alternatives to fish to improve the current health of the oceans, it is a MUST. With the increasing demand for seafood and fish in the last 30 years, the seas are being drastically threatened and not only marine species but also ecosystems around the world. From the premise of meeting this demand, products based on vegetable proteins with the texture, taste, smell and shape of fish, without fishing, are born.

The sea is asking us for help and we are coming to help

Taking into account that our oceans are home to the largest lungs of the planet, Isauki wants to take this knowledge and bet not only to protect it, but to promote it, to the future of NO fishing. To do this we have developed a line of products using algae, which capture CO2 and reduce greenhouse gases. This means that the incredible nutritional properties of algae, used by millenary cultures, not only help human beings to have a more balanced diet but also help the environment to clean and regulate itself.

With these fundamental values in mind, the ISAUKI laboratory’s super team has succeeded in developing algae-based products but going one step further. Consuming algae without having to give up flavors, textures and experiences that lead buyers directly to a product that is not related to something vegan, is an almost perfect reproduction. That is, making use of technological advances (foodtech) and developments that are beginning to exist with technology companies (thanks startups), get products without taste or smell of algae. The result, FLI-PARRRR.

Creating alliances to create impact

The company is committed to working with research centers as we have already done with Basque Food Laboratory, growers from all over Europe and the world, with the aim of generating interest in new innovations and future collaborations with Basque culinary center, among others. Thanks to the network activity, which together will launch foodtech innovation to the whole world, a fabric of innovative companies is created. VIVA the startup ecosystem and the new mentality of improving the planet and people’s health WIN WIN, by the book.